Quick Chippy

Quick Chippy

Would you spend 3 bucks on a new tool for the trailer???

Quick Chippy is a collection of calculators for Chippy’s
(and the home handyman that doesn’t mind ‘having a crack!’)

It is designed by a carpenter, to take the annoying maths out of your building project. It has been further road tested and refined by other Chippy’s. It is so SIMPLE TO USE

Calculations include:

• How to Square a House
• Concrete quantities
• How to Measure Stairs
• Rafter Lengths
• Equal Spacing
• Stud / Joist Spacings
• Running Measurements

and the reason this app was developed in the first place, was to find an easier quicker way to have running measurements at your finger tips.
Great use for weatherboard stops, deck set out, plate set out etc

The only simple and useful carpenters app on the market. The app you need to speed up your day!

How to Square a House

Now you can find square with the simplest of ease, and accurately to the exact mm.

Square your house, deck, wall frame etc by simply entering the width and length. Hit the ANSWER button and you have your diagonal measurement right down to the exact mm.

Concrete Quantities

Can you never remember that pi something, equation when working out how much concrete you need? All you have to do now is type in your hole dimensions and how many holes you have, to receive your answer in metres cubed, ready to be ordered.

Sometimes your holes don’t stay as a perfect cylinder, so there’s a button to allow 10% extra for your irregular shaped holes.

How to Measure Stairs

Simply enter the height of your total rise (finished floor to finished floor) and your desired tread size (a default setting of the common tread size of 240 mm is already entered.

Calculate and receive all your required measurements, including rise, run, stringer length and base length.

Rafter Lengths

Follow the diagram to find your rafter length in just seconds!

Enter the room width from outside of plate to outside of plate.

Next insert the width of timber used for the ridge. If you’ve got the roof pitch off the plan, then enter this to be provided with not only your rafter length, but also the height your ridge will be above the top plate.

Alternatively, you may have a height above the top plate to match the existing roof. Enter this in and receive the rafter length as well as the angle of the pitch for your rafter cuts.

Equal Spacings

A carpenters dream. Simply enter your measurement, and your preferred spacing. Some examples of this are your weatherboard stop set out or your deck board set out.

Quick Chippy will divide your measurement up evenly, and then….. wait for it, give you a list of running measurements to transfer straight over!

Max Set Out Spacings

Make setting out a breeze. This calculator is not only for setting out studs and joists, but also rafters, bearers and many others with a maximum spacing.

Firstly enter your overall length, followed by the maximum spacing allowed.
(eg. 450 or 600mm for studs or 900mm for rafters).

Finally enter your timber width. This will ensure your even spacings and allow for a stud/ joist etc at the end of the measurement.

And once again this measurement will then be listed as running measurements in the blue table.

Running Measurements

And if you already know your measurement, simply enter your measurement and hit CALCULATE and Quick Chippy will give you a table of running measurements! All the chippy’s in the world can benefit from that one!

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