Quick Decks

Quick Decks


You may be a handyman building your first deck, or a seasoned builder that appreciates the best way to complete the task. Either way, Quick decks has the answers when it comes to taking the ‘brainwork’ out of the building and estimating process.

Designed by the team from the QUICK CHIPPY app, to take the annoying maths out of your deck building project.

Quick Decks Calculations include:

• A material quantities Calculator
• Square up your deck
• Concrete quantities for your stump holes
• Set out calculators from the bearers through to the decking
• And a step by step set of instructions and diagrams to help you through the building and estimating process.


Material Quantities

Find out the material quantities for all of your timber, as well as your screw quantities by simply entering the length and width of your deck.

Square your Deck

Square your deck with ease! Enter the width and length of the deck and receive the diagonal measurement to the exact mm.

Stump and Bearer Layout

Enter your preferred bearer spacing, (distance between the bearers) and preferred bearer span (distance between stumps along the bearer) and Quick Decks will give you even measurements for your stump and bearer set out, based on the length and width of your deck.

Concrete Quantities

Can you never remember that pi something, equation when working out how much concrete you need? All you have to do now is type in your hole dimensions and how many holes you have, to receive your answer in metres cubed, ready to be ordered.

Joist Set Out

The joist set out calculator will give you even measurements for your joists, ensuring the screw lines in your deck are neat and evenly spaced.

Deck Board Set Out

The deck board set out calculator provides you with a set out list for the deck boards and easy to follow instructions for that perfect finish.


Quick Decks has easy to follow, step by step instructions to make your deck building project simple as well as perfect!

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